Before you can decide what music to add to your playlist, you’ll need to know when you intend to listen to that playlist. For example, if you’re creating a running playlist, the songs you will choose will be much different than the songs you would choose for a playlist you might make when you want to concentrate while working or completing a task.

First, start by considering how and when you intend to listen to the music you’ll be adding.

Next, think about the mood or feels you will want to experience from said playlist.

Start by brainstorming the type of artists, sounds, or genres that most align with the feelings that you are trying to elicit.

Then consider adding one song at a time—there is no right or wrong here!

Sometimes music streaming services such as Spotify or Pandora have premade playlists that you can tweak or add to make more your own. The most important thing is to keep it fun and enjoy the process!

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"How can I create a playlist to feel inspired?”

Music is a part of our lives and has been throughout all of history. As humans we love to sing, hum, sway, clap, and dance to music–music makes us feel good! In addition to putting us into a good mood, music also has the power to improve our overall physical and mental health in many ways. Music is more than a series of sounds; it effects our overall energy and leave us feeling inspired.

What does music have to do with your health? Music has been studied for many years and research has found that music may actually improve our overall health and wellness.

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