march 2021

Research has shown that sufficient, good-quality sleep is as important to your well-being as adequate nutrition and regular exercise. Getting between seven and nine hours of physical rest daily, in the form of nighttime sleep and/or daytime napping, is ideal. The SupportLinc Sleep Fitness Toolkit is your one-stop resource for improving the quantity and quality of your sleep. 

But if you’re getting enough sleep and still feeling drained and tired, consider whether you are getting enough of these additional types of rest: 

  • Mental rest 
  • Sensory rest
  • Creative rest
  • Emotional rest
  • Social rest
  • Spiritual rest

SupportLinc offers a variety of resources to help you maintain your emotional wellbeing and regularly recharge. If you work at a computer screen all day, both mental and sensory rest should be part of your routine, even if it’s only for a couple of minutes every few hours. If you frequently do creative projects, feeling “blocked” is a sign to take a creative rest. And when you are becoming frustrated with yourself or other people, try incorporating an emotionalsocial or spiritual rest into your day.

Visit the SupportLinc web portal and the "What's on your mind?" search function to find more tools and tips.

Or for additional help achieving any of the seven areas of rest, reach out to speak with a SupportLinc Care Advocate at 1-888-881-5462. In-the-moment support, guidance and resources are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at no cost to you.

Are you getting all 7 kinds of rest?